ROVT Purpose:

Restoration & Preservation of Vintage trailers, motor homes, teardrops for future generations to enjoy. To promote our hobby hosting trailer rallies and sharing a common interest.


All vintage* trailers/teardrops/motor homes built before 1980, including home built teardrops/ **retro reproduction trailers, built since 1980 are welcome to attend ROVT rallies.

*Vintage shall be units that are unrestored or restored with reference to an era of past production or use: representing the high quality of a past time. Ex: vintage cars/trailers, vintage movies.

**Retro meaning built to today’s standards, but with the same design as the original/vintage* unit. Ex: T&B, Shasta Airflyte, etc.

General rules:


  • Fees:


There will be a nonrefundable registration fee for all rallies to help defer rally costs. This fee must be paid and the registration form submitted before the participant is considered registered for the rally. For most rallies, the fee is $10 per site; for the River Bend rally, it is $20 per site.

In addition, some parks may charge a reservation fee, which will be passed on to the participants. Cancellation fees may be charged by the park.

For the River Bend rally, Linn County Parks charges a non-refundable $12 fee for any cancellations of campsites. We pass on this fee on to our participants. However, if we are able to rent your cancelled camp site before June 1, of the rally year, we will refund your registration/ campsite fee. ROVT will retain $12 of the cancellation fee, regardless! After June 1st, will be charged one nights camping fee!

For all rallies, for reservations made through the Rally Master, NO refund will be given if your campsite is canceled seven days prior to arrival date. Exceptions may apply. The registration fee is not refundable at any time.

  • Reservations:

For events other than the River Bend event, the Rally Master may rent several sites to ensure the park availability. These sites will be offered on a first come – first served basis to all members. Payment is generally required at the time the site is requested from the Rally Master. Once these sites are rented, the participants will need to make their own reservations via the park reservation system. When you make a reservation on your own, there may be an additional fee charged by the park / reservation system.

If making reservations with the Rally Master, you will be required to pay for the full 2 days/nights of the rally. For River Bend, and some other rallies, we are required to spend 2 nights per our agreement with the Park. you wish to stay additional nights, you will need to make the reservations with the park through their reservation system. If making reservations by phone, let the reservation desk know that you are attending the rally. You may have to pay an additional reservation fee.

Upon receiving your registration form, we will assign a campsite number, for reservations made through the Rally Master or for the River Bend rally. You may request specific sites (by preference) of your choice, however if all the sites have been assigned to other participants, ROVT will assign you a site. We will try and accommodate requests for participants to be near each other. We will charge a fee of $10.00 for every site change you request.

Please note that if you fill out a registration form or request a site to be held for a future ROVT rally and fail to pay the fees within 30 days of the request, we will void your form/request and it will be available for another member to reserve.

  • Notifications to Rally Master:

When making your own reservation for a rally, you need to contact the Rally Master to pay the registration fee, and send them the registration form with your name and site number to be included in the event.

If you are bringing guests to the rally, please notify the Rally Master in advance so the guests can be included in the count. Guests include people in non-vintage trailers, tents, or those who are dropping by for the day. Guests not registered in advance will not be allowed to participate in ROVT events such as the potluck, etc.


  • Pets:


Generally, all parks require pets to be on a leash, in a pen, or in your vehicle. Please abide by the park rules. Some parks may fine you for violations. (Linn County fines owners up to $100 fine for a Class C violation.) Please DO NOT allow your dogs to run free, be considerate of your neighbors who keep their pets in pens or on a leash. In addition, some people are afraid of dogs or may have allergies.

Complaints for other campers / participants regarding excessive barking / noise by your pets while confined in your campsite will be addressed by the Rally Master and park ranger / owners.

Pets are NOT allowed at ROVT functions such as meetings, pot lucks,  rented enclosures, etc. during ROVT rallies. Please be considerate of other participants; some people are afraid of dogs or may have allergies. If you bring your dog(s) to a function, you will be asked to remove the dog.


  • Banners / Displays:


No banners or group/club displays for other organizations you may belong too are permitted during any of ROVT’s rallies! If you violate this rule, you will be asked to remove the display item and possibly be banned from future ROVT rallies.


  • Guests / Visitors:


Guests are welcome to attend ROVT events, but must register with the Rally Master prior to attending any functions other than the Open Houses. Guests are people attending in a non-vintage trailer, tent on your site, or who drop in for the day/event. If your guests are attending a potluck, they must bring a dish to participate, or pay a fee of $5 per person / $10 per couple to attend. ROVT and its members supply the food and beverages for these events so unregistered guests incur an undue burden on the participants.

Guests not registered in advance will not be allowed to participate in the ROVT events, such as potluck, etc.

  • Alcohol use:

While you may use alcohol at your own site, within reason, alcoholic beverages are NOT to be sold or served to others. No obnoxious, loud or out of control drinking will be allowed. Some parks prohibit all alcohol use – please abide by the park rules. Members that do not abide by this will be warned the first time, and if repeated, will be banned from future ROVT rallies.

River Bend Rally specific rules:


  • Campsites:


Note that the sites at River Bend are spread out over a large area; most drive-ways are very deep. Linn County will not permit more than one camper per site. Tents are permitted if room permits! Non- hookup sites have water spigots nearby and gray water dumps. Please help us by keeping your area tidy!

NOTE: NO generators are allowed unless prior arrangements are made with the rally host; these are generally for medical reasons only.


  • Payments:


We reserve the right to refuse any applicants registration due to conditions of non-payment within 30 days unless arrangements have been made in advance. We also may rent a camp site to a non-vintage trailer occupant due to special conditions or requests approved by Jerry or Linda K.!


  • Reservation Cards / Campsite Notifications:


Upon receipt of payment for a site, you will be issued a confirmation number which guarantees your site, the number will be emailed to you. It is important that you fill your application out correctly with your phone #, mailing address and email address.