End of 2016 Season…

October 9, 2017
Well, I think we have all had a great season of awesome vintage trailer rallying. I was at Champoeg last weekend and boy was that a fun rally! I really want to thank all of the rally hosts Ralph and Sherry Hall. They really go the extra mile to make all of this fun possible.
We are still looking for someone to volunteer to write the newsletter. If you are interested, please email Jerry and let him know. Jerry and Linda are so awesome! They sure set a great example of selfless giving. I don’t think we could come close to counting the hours they put in so that we may enjoy this amazing hobby. If you speak to them, please tell them how much you appreciate their efforts.
I have recently updated the website with new individual pages. I hope that makes it easier for members to find rallies. I also put quick links on each event to link you to the event’s Facebook page.
We still have a few more rallies to list on the website, I am just waiting for details.
I hope you all have a great, happy and healthy holiday season!

Janet Mossman
ROVT Webmaster

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